"Your World Inside"

Hi! We are Peter and Natali and we make mini-worlds.

 This is not just miniature houses with stylish furniture. This is your mini-worlds, that include the things which are precious to you, or to whom you are buying the house as a present. If you have a terrarium - we'll make it in mini-size, and it will stand in your mini-house. If you play guitar - there will be a guitar. You paint - easel. Like to drink wine - a wine shelf inside. And if you want a photo with your beloved person and yourself in a frame - we can make it for you, so it will be inside your mini-world.

Your world in miniature is always personolized. Moreover it keeps individual atmosphere because it is made of natural components, and nature is always different and beautiful.

Visit our Instagramm page, we have beautiful photos, and there you can enjoy watching all the beauty, that we create!)



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