Caras Arcana is German, female, studied graphic design and was born 1961. All her life she was interested in miniatures...

From the collector:

The world of caras-arcana is a great diorama. The landscape is built with plaster and a lot of materials of Mother Nature.
It´s the modell of an old fishing-village in maritim style in 1:18 on 20 square meters. The diorama is still under construction and I´m building on it since 20 years.
Half of the project is already done and also some single elements. You can see the summery in Facebook.
It is a magical landscape with houses and cottages, stables and workshops, a lot of little gardens and charming seats and sceneries and brooks and ponds. And there are a lot of animals...I also planned to create human beings, but yet I didn´t found the time.

At the moment I have roundabout 30 houses and workshops. Most cottages and all the workshops are furnished and illuminated. A crazy effect in the dark, if You got a look in a small window and You can see all the equipment!

In the village there are the following buildings (without all the cottages):
boat-house, mill, weaving-mill, basket-maker, smithy, pottery, painting-studio, school-house, lighthouse, farm, joinery and shoemaker. Soon I will create a shop and a pub!!!