My name is Angelika Ahlers. I live in a little village in the North of Germany, was born in 1961, am married and proud mum of two lovely boys (27 and 26).

Кто-нибудь мог бы отказаться от такого утра нового года?

И если где-то Рождество уже было, то у нас еще только-только приближается!

Поэтому с наступающим Новым Годом и Рождеством!

Caras Arcana is German, female, studied graphic design and was born 1961. All her life she was interested in miniatures...

Hello all miniaturists!

My name is Marina and I am Portuguese miniaturist. 

Polina Novikova is talking about miniature as her hobby. Polina is 29 years old, she is married, she has a Law degree and she lives in Troitsk, Moscow region (New Moscow), Russia.


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