Le Mini Di Claudia

My name is Claudia. I'm Italian. I live in Puglia. Тhe miniature is a beautiful hobby for me.
I've been doing miniatures for over 20 years. I started by chance, thanks to my dad one day bought the first file of a collection on doll houses.
I started self-taught to build furniture and accessories to decorate a doll house and slowly I was passionate about it. I started using the Fimo polimer clay, and the miniature food became my big passion.
The time to dedicate to the miniatures is always too small but I can do well to reconcile with my work also because not having children allows me to cut a little space for me.
I have a little collection of miniatures at my home.
Sometimes I am very sorry to separate myself from my works, but when I think they are scattered around the world and they are in good hands I am happy.
I sent my miniatures to almost every country in the world, from the United States to Japan ... I miss Russia)



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